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Customs clearance service in Oman


Our customs clearance service in Oman enables our customers to access and export goods without any hassle. We provide the customs clearance terms on behalf of the consignee or importer, while they remain responsible for everything involved with their shipments, including duties and taxes. This saves them time because it removes the need for sending documentation to import authorities which may be long drawn out-processes sometimes involving delays that can be disruptive to an operations schedule.


Our Services

We provide most reliable and trustable services in Oman


24/7 services

We always ready to provide our services. If you need any kind of emergency customs clearance we available 24/7

Professional team

We have 10 years of experience in customs clearance service and we have highly professional team to provide customs clearance service.

Customs agent

We have many customs agents in airport with their help we will clear customs hassle free.

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We guarantee a quick freight so you know exactly where your shipment is at any given point during transit. Our expedited shipping services are tailored specifically to meet our customer’s unique demands and we will even send alerts of arrival if requested making sure that your shipment arrives just in time!